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To Achieve By The Year 2040, A World Devoid of Street Children and forsaken ones, all service minded…

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Started in Year 1981

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Jesus Christ

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“When you give a feast invite the poor, the crippled the lame and the blind, and you will be blessed because they are not able to pay you back. God will repay you on the day the good people rise from death.”

Let us do our mite to rehabilitate these unfortunate brethren and help them to build a happy and secured life for themselves. Remember, no human gesture is nobler than care and compassion towards the sick, weak and needy. So come forward and join this life-building movement, so that the neglected ones may live in peace and joy, and the children grow in a secure atmosphere and become responsible citizens of the country.

Though the aspirations are high, sincere and worthy, Brother Amal and colleagues are constrained to stretch their hands to all, by the limitations of reality. We need more funds and support to serve the residence of Evangelashram efficiently. This includes appointing the required staff, providing better residential facilities and nutritious food, clothing, medicines and sending the children to school and maintain a clean and healthy environment.

If you wish to do something for the Evangelashram please do call us or email us there are many options and great ways you can be a great help and part of our mission.

TIME: Out of the 86,400 seconds God gives us each day, can’t we give back one, for the upliftment of the uninhabited and get heavenly bliss in return? Please feel free to visit us and bless our brethren through your valuable presence and share your experiences. Do not hesitate to give suggestions and advises for the development of Evangelashram. 

COMMUNICATE: Kindly do communicate and convey the message you received about Evangelashram to your friends and relatives. This will help them to get an opportunity to know Evangelashram and its services. 

 MEMORABLE DAYS: Share your memorable days with us. Please remember these DESTITUTE when you or your relatives celebrate birthdays, wedding feasts, anniversaries and other memorable occasions in the family. 

ENDOWMENTS AND MEMORIALS: You can also help us in the form of endowments and memorials. 

 WEALTH: If you and your friends want to donate money towards Evangelashram please send your precious donations to our Bank accounts.  

All the donations made to Evangelashram Charitable Society are exempt from income tax under section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act 1961

We bank with The Bank of India, Koonammavu Branch, Pin code- 683 518, Ernalukam- Dist., Kerala, India. 

SB A/c No. 856710100005521

IFSC Code: BKID0008567


The Federal Bank, Puthenpally, Varapuzha, Pin code- 683 517, Ernakulam- Dist., Kerala, India. 

Current A/c No. 10160200004026

 IFSC Code: FDRL0001016


Evangelashram is a registered society under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) of India.

If anyone likes to contribute, contact us: [email protected]

“Bring the amount of your tithes to the temple, so that there will be plenty of food there. Put me to the test and you will see that I will open the windows of heaven and pour out on you in abundance all kinds of goods things”

We welcome all well-wishers to become a part of this noble mission and help us to achieve A WORLD DEVOID OF DESTITUTE BY 2040.

In joyful return, the inmates will pour out their love and gratitude by praying for you and for your undertakings. Call us when you have a special prayer request and we will put our hearts and souls in prayer for you.


Now we have a few dedicated and committed full-time and part-time volunteers with us who work on short-term and long term basis. Some service oriented people also come to Evangelashram during day time and spend time in various services. We expect and welcome dedicated and committed men and women who can help us to wash clothes, to clean the building and premises and to pray.

Evangelashram is in great need of manpower assistance for its daily smooth functioning and to achieve the great mission of A WORLD DEVOID OF DESTITUTE BY 2040.

Share your time

We need volunteers to share time with the residents of Evangelashram to counsel and console them, to listen and watch them patiently, to walk, talk, play with them, to encourage them and strengthen them, assist them in their primary needs and to help them pray and pray with them.


We require volunteers who can teach the school going children, reduce the stress and strain the children go through, support and build them up, recognize the talents in them and kindle the same, to give command over English language and other languages and subjects and help in their overall personality development.

Medical and paramedical staff

We require doctors, nurses and pharmacists who can do part time services and help in the medical needs of the residents of Evangelashram. Dedicated and service oriented volunteers are hearty welcome to serve at the Evangelashram. Accommodation and food within the limits of the Ashram will be provided to the people who volunteer. Identification and residential proof are needed in the case of each volunteer who wants to be with us.

Any professionals

We welcome committed computer professionals both hardware and software to help us in our mission through various means. We need masons, electricians, carpenters, plumbers for the maintenance services. We are also looking forward for educated/retired people who stay at homes. We would appreciate you if you could render at least ten minutes each day to help us through online or in any ways that are convenient to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you cant find the information you are looking for on this website.

  • Evangelashram aims at bringing hope to all the destitute, street children, street youth, abandoned, chronically ill people and all those who are left alone on the streets. We focus on rehabilitating them and meeting their basic needs. We envision a world devoid of destitutes by 2040. Evangelashram essentially focuses on educating the street children both abled and differently abled that are rescued from the streets, health care, nutrition, shelter and also equip them with life skills.
    Emphasis is also on preventive measures so that the child once rescued is not returned to the street.We bring the young people that are wandering on the street without hope of life to the Evangelashram, give them counseling and make them realize the value of their lives. We encourage them to have a positive outlook about life, thereby instill in them the desire to live the life worthily. We have various projects to train them according to their aptitude.
    After completing the training, will find suitable placements so that they will be self supportive.We offer love and care to the mentally disturbed and deranged persons who are abandoned by the family and thrown into the streets. The Mentally Challenged who comes to Evangelashram is given treatment and care. Few of them responded positively to the treatment and returned back to normal life.We implant in the mentally retarded some self-esteem, confidence and give them recognition in the society. We make them aware of their inherent abilities, skills and talents. We aim to train them in various skills thereby helping them to be self-reliable and support themselves.
    We treat the terminally ill with tender care and the deformed ones with compassion. In doing so, we give them an experience of peace and tranquility at the nightfall of their life.We focus on the human rights of the eunuchs and we have projects for their education and employment. We aim at establishing a technical education school for the eunuchs, which would help them to be self supportive in finding their basic necessities.

  • On average, 80% of the money raised by Evangelashram goes towards planning and implementing our program work and 20 % goes towards marketing and administration.

  • Yes, we accept contributions other than monetary. You can donate food items, clothes, furniture, mattresses, sports items, books, baby toys etc...

  • Yes, you can sponsor a child.

  • That’s entirely up to you. Sponsorship is a voluntary, ongoing contribution. We encourage the sponsors to support us at least for 10 years or longer so that they will get the assistance to finish their schooling. At the same time we accept short term sponsorship too. However, we certainly hope that our relationship with you will be long-term as well.

  • Evangelashram follows strict guidelines on child protection. Most of our children are rescued from the streets difficult circumstances and hence a very vulnerable section of children we cannot reveal the identity of the child to you. You may visit one of our programs on a schedule donor visit.

  • We keep regular communication with the donors, providing updates on program activities and sharing success stories from Evangelashram’s work supported by your donations.

  • You may forward your precious donations to the following Bank accounts.
    i) Evangelashram Charitable Society, Bank of India, Koonammavu Branch,
    A/c No 856710100005521, IFSC Code: BKID0008567
    ii). Evangelashram Charitable Society, Federal Bank, Puthanpally, Varapuzha,
    A/c No. 10160200004026, IFSC Code: FDRL0001016
    iii) Evangelashram is a registered society under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) of India.
    Kindly please contact us for further details about how to send money from abroad.
    Evangelashram Charitable Society, Bank of India, Koonammavu Branch, A/c No. 856710110000238, Swift code: BKIDINBBENT

  • All the donations made to Evangelashram Charitable Society are exempt from income tax under section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act 1961.

  • No. Right now we do not get any funds from any other sources other than friends and well wishers.

Our Needs

Our Needs:-

  • Vehicles both light weight and heavy, including ambulances
  • All kinds of furniture such as tables, chairs, cots, cupboards etc…
  • Office stationeries
  • Computers, sound systems, Musical instruments, other electronic instruments
  • Medical Equipments and Medicines
  • Kitchen utensils, refrigerators, pressure cookers,
  • Washing Machines and Vacuum Cleaners
  • Office items
  • Clothes
  • Tin foods
  • Large Containers and freezers for the food bank.
  • Sports and Games kits

Materials for the school going students such as bags, books, pencils, pens, sandals, shoes, umbrellas etc…

Kindly Contact us with your valuable contributions to: Evangelashram Charitable Society, Koonammavu, Pin 683518, Ernakulam, Kerala, India.

Phone: +91-484-2512874

Mobile: +91-9447794874


[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Evangelashram Charitable Society

Registration under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act.

Evangelashram Charitable Society is a registered Society Under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act of India

(Regd. No. ER 522/97), Approved by State Govt. of Kerala
Koonammavu P.O
Ernakulam - 683 518, Kerala, South India

Tel/Fax: +91 484 2512874

Mobile:  +91 9447794874,  +91 9847240719